Thursday, 19 May 2016

Juicy flavours here to stay

The future for juices and smoothies

Desire for fruit juices has soured in the last few years, with Juice  Bars popping up on high streets, and nifty powerful blenders (priced from £40 to over £400), being used daily by the health conscious in their kitchens.

Far from being a flash in the pan its predicted that juicing has a long way to go before anybody gets tired of it, and we are due to see more varieties hitting the supermarket shelves.

Ruth Walters Crisp from the Let Her Eat Clean Guide says, “Juicing is often associated with hardcore cleanses , but it’s also a brilliant way to eat more fruit and veggies”.

“Juicing definitely had its place at the top of the nutritional charts in 2013 – and it doesn’t seem to be budging from that hot spot.”

 Photo Courtesy of Essential Gourmet.KZ

So where can the “trend” head now?

Juicing isn’t just popular with the health conscious. It also has a pull for those with a hectic lifestyle, which lets face it- seems to be most of us these days! 

Juices and smoothies give the ability to zap our hunger pangs on the move, with minimal time and effort, but still enable us to feel we are looking after our bodies.

House of Flavours prediction for Juicing and Smoothies is that they will continue to become a way of life, rising in popularity with 20-somethings, who whilst wanting something quick, easy and healthy– also need great flavours.

Simple orange and banana or summer fruits may not be enough to satisfy the health desires. How about a drink packed with Kale, Berries and Cucumber, which tastes of Strawberry? Or even one with Spinach, Celery and beetroot which tastes like raspberry ? Im in.

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