Thursday, 5 May 2016

A warning to all in the food industry

You could be in grave danger.

Have you eaten carrots to give you good eyesight, or used Garlic to ward off bad luck?

Food superstitions and myths are sometimes quite handy (if you’re a parent of a child resisting thier veg!), but at other times – well they’re simply nuts.

Here are some of our favourites, which you might want to be aware of...

If you’re ever in China, it might be wise never to poke your chopstick upright in your rice bowl.  It resembles incense sticks at funerals.

 Staying in China, some believe cutting a noodle will render your life shorter. Biting one will too actually, so slurp away!

Did somebody say Slurp? When you’ve finished your tea, take a look at the bottom of your cup. If there is undissolved sugar, somebody is in love with you.

However, if you’re looking for love you might want to drop some cutlery…If you accidently drop a fork, a woman will be coming to visit. If it’s a knife, you will get a visit from a man. But for goodness sake don’t GIVE the knife to the man if you actually like him...

According to ancient traditions you should NEVER give a knife as a present to a friend. It’s a symbolic gesture meaning you will soon cut your ties with them.

Bakers Beware!

Holes in bread are a real no-no. The presence of one when you slice a new loaf was once seen as a sign that somebody you know will die!
Of course youre OK if it’s a Hot Cross Bun. Ancient bakers apparently placed crosses on loaves to prevent the devil from sitting on the loaf and stopping it rising.

All hail the Hot Cross Bun!