Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A solution to your taste headache

Funny aftertaste? Off notes? There's ALWAYS a solution.

We all love our own products, but what if they could be improved in ways you hadnt thought of yet?

The good news is that you can always improve the taste, and even the cost price to produce your product  by talking to House of Flavours and Forest Naturals ingredients.
 Traditionally bakers turn to the use of inclusions in their products when asked to create innovative product variants. Often these inclusions add significant cost to the product but make little contribution to product taste.

The solution to this problem often lies in the addition of a top note flavouring, which of course can be natural or 90%+ from the named fruit, flavourings developed and selected by HoF have been verified as bake stable so they will withstand the baking process and deliver the taste impact being sought from the fruit inclusions. As a result the level of fruit inclusions can be reduced to a level that provides the desired visual impact. Often the end product will have a reduced cost and will almost certainly have an improved taste profile.

It is often desirable for ingredients to be encapsulated so that they are released at a certain temperature during the baking phase of a product, for example citric acid will inhibit proving as it lowers the pH of the mixture. By encapsulating the citric acid yeast can be protected during the proving stage, the citric acid being released only during baking. HoF has a range of ingredients that can be encapsulated for timed release in baked products, including spices, aspartame, cinnamon and bunspice.

Consumer demands for mainstream bread products with added health benefits are increasing. Adding ingredients that provide these health benefits often results in off notes in product taste. HoF can develop ingredients that counter these off notes providing your innovative product with the desired taste profile.

We have developed solutions for all areas of the food and drink, flavourings industry. If we do not already have the solution for you , then our bespoke ingredient development service will create it for you.